4 Ways To Get Outside in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Given that we only get a few months of amazing weather here in West Michigan, we believe it is our duty to spend as much time enjoying it as possible! If you are anything like the team at GR Bucket List, you do everything you can to soak it up, to revel in it, and to take advantage of the outdoor activities while you can. So to help you, we’ve come up with a list of 4 different ways you can get outside in Grand Rapids. 

Millennium Park

Located less than a 15-minute drive from downtown lies one of our nation’s largest urban parks. With 1,400 acres and six miles of frontage on the Grand River, the park features unique habitats and large natural areas for wildlife to thrive and humans to enjoy.

Facilities within the park include a six-acre beach, swimming and splash pad, boat rentals, nearly 18 miles of trails for hiking and biking, picnic areas and grills, fishing opportunities and more! So close to downtown, yet you feel a world away!

River Walk

The Grand River runs right through the heart of downtown and is a great place to get some fresh air and stretch your legs while taking in the city views. Take a jaunt along the river in the morning to beat the heat, on your lunch break to split up the day or in the evening to catch the sunset.

The Blue Bridge, The Gillet Bridge, and the 6th St. Bridge allow you to zig and zag up and down the riverfront and provide some awesome photo opportunities as well! 

Ride a Scooter or a Bike

With the introduction of the Lime Scooters & Bikes downtown GR, not only did transportation options expand, but so did the opportunity for fun and exploration!

Hop on one of these unique modes of transport and cruise along the river, check out neighborhoods you’ve never been to and get to know this city in a new way, all while basking in the summer breeze. Just download the app to get started!

Catch a Sunset

If you are a Michigander, then you know the sunsets over Lake Michigan are unparalleled. If you are only visiting, then you are in for a real treat! There is no better place to catch a sunset in West Michigan than from the shores of our gorgeous great lake.

If you are unable to make the drive to Holland or Grand Haven, then lucky for you, GR has a great alternative. Hop in the car or on your Lime bike and head over to Lookout Park or Reservoir Park, located on Fairview Are NE overlooking the city to the west. Both of these vantage points offer sunset gazers unobstructed views of the colorful and dramatic sky and a peaceful place to witness all the beauty.

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