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BattleGR Tactical Games, located in Comstock Park, offers a variety of exciting experiences with something for the entire family. Their amazing facility offers indoor laser tag, sports courts, axe throwing, video game theatre and so much more! They also provide mission-based challenges for special events such as birthday parties, family gatherings and team building. The GR Bucket List has partnered with Battle GR to bring you an exclusive experience package- read more below!

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GR Bucket List and Battle GR Experience

We have created two unique experiences for you to choose from!

Axe Throwing + Laser Tag Experience

BattleGR is Grand Rapids #1 Best Gaming Venue with a one-of-kind facility that brings family and friends together while competing in fun games of AxeThrowing and Laser Tag. There are over 6 different games to choose from Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, Zombie, Duck Hunting, Target, and a theme game. The professionally trained staff will teach you the correct way to throw an Axe to ensure it sticks in the target.

💰 $50 per person (2 minimum)

– Up to 1 Hour of Axe Throwing Time 🪓

– Up to 1 Hour of Laser Tag for your group 🎯

  • Includes BYOB Fee

Gaming Class

What if it was possible to make money online with gaming? Learn from the pros, as an experienced educator walks you through the history of the games, different genres of games and how to play the games. At BattleGR you will experience a one-of-kind facility, featuring the highest quality of gaming tech to optimize your learning experience.

In this hands-on and interactive class, you will be guided step-by-step through refining your gaming skill. During the 4 hour class you will be educated on Overwatch, Super Smash, League of Legends, Rainbow 6: Siege, Rocket League, Fortnite, Madden, and others. Once you have mastered gaming ideology, you will then receive a lecture on how to make money while gaming.

💰 $50 per person (introductory price)

📍BattleGR Games 284 Dodge NE Comstock Park MI 49321

4 hr

Indoor Laser Tag

BattleGR Tactical Games has a ton of indoor laser tag options perfect for a day with the family, a corporate event, or a great time out with friends! The best part? Every time you play is never the same. The obstacles in their custom laser tag arena can be easily moved to create a custom experience each time you play.

They provide military-replica taggers with red and green dot scopes, and offer seven different objective-based games or missions! BattleGR offers over 30 different games to play. Their goal is to provide clean fun and to bring people back to interacting with each other during an exciting game of laser tag.

The laser tag arena can also be reserved for private birthday parties and team-building events. Click here for more details.

Sports Courts

BattleGR also features an expansive sports court area in which they are set up for any number of sports! This includes volleyball, basketball, tennis, futsal, and even archery tag.

Our sport court rentals for full court or half court can be made by contacting us at 616.345.0698 or email them at sports@battlegr.com. We give discounts based on how many weeks and hours you are looking to rent.

They also offer a number of leagues for adults and youth. Check out this list to see if one is right for you!

Axe Throwing

New to BattleGR is the ever-popular pastime of Axe Throwing! Axe throwing is an exciting, new, extreme sport. And, it’s easy enough for you to enjoy without years of sports training. This activity is an interactive way for family fun or some friendly competition.

BattleGR offers a variety of games to make Axe Throwing even more fun! Simply use the computer provided to select a game that works for you and your group. They offer everything from traditional Axe targets to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe or HORSE. Whatever you choose shows up digitally on the target!

Axe Throwing at BattleGR is also extremely safe. They offer 15-foot dividers to keep you safe from other throwers, a no bounce back border and they use end grain wood which ensures the axe sticks to the target and doesn’t bounce back at you. Safe and Fun!

You can even book a private event for axe throwing. Get all the details- here!

Video Game Theater

BattleGR also has a state of the art Video Game Theatre! Their Video Game Theater is fun for all ages and has tons of fun game options perfect for anyone skill level.

The games can also be educational for your kiddo! Your child will learn different games and genres of games. Each week they will play a different game and BattleGR teaches them how to play. They also include a little history about each game. Some of the games include Overwatch, Super Smash, League of Legends, Rainbow 6: Seige, Rocket League, Fortnight and Madden.

Get all the info on how to book time-here!

Special Events

BattleGR is your go-to place to host special events of any kind. Great for birthday parties, corporate retreats and everything in between- BattleGR has you covered. You can join the fun at their facility in Comstock Park or they can bring it to you in one of their off-site rental options. Check out all their options at the links below:

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