A GR Bucketlist Exclusive: The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot

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The Melting Pot – 4-Course Meal Fondue Experience

Tickets: $75 per Person (2 Minimum)

Location: 2090 Celebration Dr NE #130, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Call-In Reservations: (616) 365-0055

The Original Fondue Restaurant

Did you know The Melting Pot has been around since 1975? Just outside of Orlando, Florida, two brothers decided to act on their “cheesy” entrepreneurial dreams. Their first fondue meals were simple and delicious – Swiss cheese, beef and a chocolate fondue dessert. Apparently, this was a beloved combination, as the restaurant was able to expand as soon as 1979 and by 1985, the legacy had already made its mark on the food industry. The legacy continues today, ready to serve you with all the recipes and expertise that’s been gained over the years.

Image from: @themeltingpotrestaurants on IG

Delicious, Romantic, and Memorable

If you’re a cheese lover or just a lover of upscale food experiences, you’ll want to try our GR Bucketlist exclusive 4-course fondue meal event of the season. This tasty adventure will be two hours duration and include a total of 4 amazing courses.

Why do we recommend it so highly? Well, just in general fondue itself is a fun and delicious way to enjoy your favorite foods with friends and family! Uniquely, at The Melting Pot, it’s easy to make and customize with different flavors and ingredients. Imagine dipping delicious bites of bread, fruit, and veggies into a warm, gooey bowl of cheese or chocolate. Plus, it’s a great way to get the conversation going and make some amazing memories! So, why not grab your lover or some friends and give fondue a try soon (maybe even tonight)??

Image from: @themeltingpotrestaurants on IG

Ideal for Valentine’s Day Celebrations

This would be an ideal date night option for Valentine’s Day or even a group of friends celebrating each other (can you say Galentine’s Day??). In the history of humanity, there hasn’t been a much better way to bond than over delicious food and laughter. We can guarantee at least one of those at this event as well as good conversation and food-tasting education. Whatever the reasons are you decide to stop by The Melting Pot, just know that it’s going to be a delicious, entertaining, and unforgettable experience. Continue reading below for details on what this exclusive event and tickets include.

Event Details:

The Melting pot is located right next to Celebration Cinema North & IMAX Movie Theater which makes an ideal spot for a romantic evening that begins with dinner and ends with a movie! When guests arrive to the restaurant, they’ll be welcomed by the space’s beautiful wine room. There is a sommelier with 15 years of experience close by to help with any questions you may have.

Here you’ll be introduced to and educated on the vast world of fondue. Whether a beginner or not, you’ll learn the intimate details behind how fondue is made, tasting techniques, and flavor profiles that will be sure to impress whatever company you keep! No experience is required.

All equipment, ingredients, and food will be provided by the Melting Pot.

Each ticket includes:

  • Cheese Fondue accompanied by fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, and more
  • Farm to table salad served with house-made dressings & our signature Garlic & Wine seasoning to take home
  • Fondue Entree; choose 4 proteins of your choice. Choose any signature cooking style for table side cooking. Comes with fresh vegetables & signature dipping sauces
  • Chocolate Fondue paired with fresh fruits, sweet pastries, and a variety of treats for dipping
  • Sparkling toast with dessert, served in a Melting Pot logo glass to take home

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